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Morpheus 8 non-surgical facial rejuvenation

You can restore youth without resorting to plastic surgery with the help of facial rejuvenation using the Morpheus method8

Non-surgical facial rejuvenation

Morpheus 8

Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity dreams of staying attractive, young and beautiful as long as possible. Although the elixir of youth has not yet been invented, modern cosmetology does not stand still. One of the latest inventions is Morpheus 8. Non-surgical facial rejuvenation  by using this device will make you look ten years younger.

Radio frequency technologies made themselves known at the end of the last century. Today they are widely used in cosmetology. This method is based on tissue heating based on the use of alternating electric current.

Morpheus 8 is an innovative functional attachment. It affects the deep, not superficial layers of the skin. High-frequency RF current flows through microneedles, which are electrodes.

Such an effect will allow you to achieve a perfect lifting effect.

Indications for non-surgical facial rejuvenation

Non-surgical skin rejuvenation is suitable in the following cases:

  • The presence of wrinkles.
  • Thin and loose skin.
  • Dark spots.
  • Significant sagging of soft tissues.
  • The presence of scars and acne scars.
  • Vascular pathologies of the skin: rosacea, spider veins.

Particular features of facial rejuvenation on the apparatus Morpheus 8

Morpheus 8 technique combines two powerful rejuvenation procedures: radiofrequency and fractional. This device has an anti-aging effect on the texture and tone of the skin, wrinkles.

To achieve the best result, use a nozzle with adjustable needle stick out. Needle tips are designed for ablation based on fractional RF exposure.

Morpheus 8 is a great option for those who are not yet ready to resort to full-fledged plastic surgery. The skin is not only perfectly smoothed, its structure changes. The skin becomes more elastic and dense.

Morpheus 8 raises the temperature during exposure. This triggers the division and synthesis of fibroblasts. As a result, important components of the intercellular matrix of the dermis are formed – elastin, collagen and glycosaminoglycans.

In addition, sufficient heating of the connective tissue provides an instant lifting effect.

The device is capable of operating simultaneously in three directions:

  1. Coagulation of adipose tissue.
  2. Contraction of connective tissue.
  3. Providing subnecrotic heating of the skin.

Each apparatus Morpheus 8 is equipped with an automatic RF and needle penetration synchronization system. The attachment can be used for a thorough facial treatment (penetration depth – 3 millimeters).

Morpheus 8 is generally used in two variations :

  • For heating all tissues – 24 non-insulated microneedles .
  • For warming up extremely deep tissues – insulated needles with a special polymer coating.

Important: Morpheus 8 can be used on patients with all skin types.

An LED indicator is used to easily control the depth of needle penetration into the skin. All tips used are disposable.

For each individual case, the specialists of the clinic of Andrey Kharkov select their own version of the impact:

  • With each single RF pulse, the microscopic needles are released and retracted.
  • The needles are constantly in the skin while repeating RF pulses in one place.

The course of hardware exposure consists of several procedures. The break between them is 4-6 weeks. If indicated, non-surgical facial rejuvenation can be combined with other techniques. The procedure starts the process of collagen production by the skin. Thus, the process of skin rejuvenation is activated. As a result, wrinkles, irregularities and age spots disappear.

The duration of exposure to the skin with the nozzle is 50 minutes.

Rehabilitation period

After non-surgical face rejuvenation using Morpheus 8, the patient stays in the hospital of the clinic of Andrey Kharkov until the day.

After the procedure, swelling and redness may occur for several days. After the healing process, crusts form at the sites of exposure. After a while, they peel off on their own.

The effect of the Morpheus 8 hardware procedure is noticeable within a few weeks. The maximum result is in a few months.

Contraindications to non-surgical facial rejuvenation

The procedure is not performed if the following contraindications are present:

  1. The course of infectious and inflammatory processes in the body.
  2. The period of pregnancy and lactation.
  3. Diseases of the nervous system.
  4. Mental disorders.
  5. Herpes.
  6. Diabetes mellitus.
  7. Oncology.

Benefits of non-surgical facial rejuvenation Morpheus 8 in the clinic of Andrey Kharkov

Would you like to appreciate all the benefits of Morpheus 8, the technology of non-surgical rejuvenation in demand all over the world? Make an appointment with the best cosmetologists and plastic surgeons of Ukraine, specialists of the clinic of Andrey Leonidovich Kharkov.

For many years we have been helping people to solve various problems on the basis of Morpheus 8. This is confirmed by the reviews of thousands of grateful patients!

Morpheus 8 has a unique anti-aging effect in three directions simultaneously. Your skin:

  • Tones up.
  • Fits up.

Rejuvenation happens not only externally. In addition, the structure of the skin changes. Thus, a long-lasting, prolonged result is ensured.

Morpheus 8 is ideal for removing spider veins and age spots. Scars, including post-acne disappear .

You can sign up for a preliminary consultation by one of the contact numbers (via the feedback form). After non-surgical facial skin rejuvenation, your loved ones will be pleasantly surprised! In front of them there will be a person at least 10 years younger!

Change your life for the better with us!

More about the procedure

Operation characteristics "Morpheus 8 non-surgical facial rejuvenation":

  • 3D Modelling no
  • Operation time 50 minutes
  • Days in hospital up to 24 hours
  • Removal of stitches no
  • Fixation no
  • Rehabilitation 1-2 days

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    Morpheus8 Facial Rejuvenation FAQ

    Everything you need to know about plastic surgery

    How often can a non-surgical correction be repeated?

    Morpheus8 and Morpeus8 body can be performed with an interval between procedures from 1 month. FaceTite and BodyTite can be repeated after 6-8 months. if necessary.

    What determines the result of non-surgical tightening and rejuvenation?

    From the number of procedures performed by the surgeon! This is not a simple manipulation of radio frequency correction, which requires both combined methods of exposure and analysis of the type of skin aging, analysis of hormonal imbalance, the reasons for the accumulation of fatty deposits, and how to comprehensively achieve the desired result.

    How is the lasting effect achieved after face plastic surgery?

    In the rejuvenation of the face, as well as the body, the main focus of the tightening is formed by moving the muscle frame and fixing it in the places of its previous location. It is this manipulation that allows you to completely eliminate muscle ptosis, the severity of age-related changes.

    What determines the cost of non-surgical surgery?

    The number of disposable tips used, the number of zones that require correction, the need for RF liposuction, the time spent under anesthesia, the required amount of underwear to fix the result.

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              • Consultation with a plastic surgeon with over 25 years of experience