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Chin plastic surgery

You can rejuvenate the face, correct the contour or correct the proportions of the lower part of the face with the help of chin plastics.

Chin plastic surgery

Chin plastic surgery

All plastic surgeries can be conditionally divided into several groups: corrective, anti-aging, beautifying. Chin surgery (another name is mentoplasty) is capable of simultaneously solving all of the above problems. The result of surgery is not only the correction of external imperfections and facial proportions, but also complete confidence in their own attractiveness.

Mentoplasty (chin plasty) involves the correction of the chin ridge using surgery. Chin augmentation and reduction can be performed.

Chin plasty is a rather complex operation that requires from a plastic surgeon to have deep knowledge and skills in the field of maxillofacial surgery.

Indications for chin plastic surgery

The chin is responsible for defining the lower part of the face contour. Its size and shape have a significant impact on the aesthetics of appearance.

The ideal chin height is half the height of the lower part of the face, the width should correspond to the distance that exists between the wings of the nose.

Thus, the indications for chin surgery are:

  • Skewness, underdevelopment of the chin.
  • too small chin.
  • Massive chin (gives the impression of a large or “heavy” chin).
  • The presence of asymmetry.
  • Deformities of the chin, which were received after injuries.
  • Incorrect chin shape.
  • The presence of dimples on the chin.
  • Acquired or birth defects of the chin.
  • Chin protruding forward.
  • Double chin, which is a consequence of heredity or age-related ptosis.

In the clinic of Andrey Kharkov the patient will be able to see the result of the future operation during the preliminary consultation. 3D modelling is used for this.

Varieties of chin plastic surgery

The aim of chin plastic surgery is to enlarge, reduce or correct the fatty tissues of the chin area to correct the profile of the face as a whole.

In the clinic of Andrey Kharkiv both  chin augmentation and chin reduction can be performed.

Chin augmentation

This is the most common chin correction procedure. This is due to the fact that anomalies in the development of the lower jaw are much more common.

Chin augmentation is performed based on:

  • Osteotomy.
  • Endoprosthetics.

Osteotomy. The essence of the surgical intervention is as follows. The plastic surgeon resects part of the lower chin bone, then pushes it forward. In this position, the chin is fixed with special titanium plates. The voids that have formed are filled with the patient’s own fat emulsion. The access to the surgical intervention area is through the oral cavity.

Endoprosthetics. It is carried out through an external incision. The endoprosthesis is silicone or the patient’s cartilage tissue. Rejection of biological cartilage does not occur, an allergic reaction is not provoked. However, the obtained result is maintained for several years. It is for this reason that this option is extremely rare.

In most cases, plastic surgeons practice the introduction of perforated or monolithic silicone products. Over time, they promote active filling of voids with the help of local adipose tissue. In addition, the prostheses are very light, invisible and not felt.

Modern manufacturers offer a variety of sizes and shapes. For women rounded implants with small lateral elements are mainly installed, for men – large products with elongated wings.

Chin reduction

During  the procedure the surgeon displaces the protrusion of the bone tissue or dissects it. Chin reduction is based on two methods:

  • Jaw resection.
  • Grinding the bone.

Jaw resection. The surgeon removes the desired part, models the bone to the desired size. The next stage is suturing (for this, collagen threads are mainly used). The seams move the resulting fragment back.

Bone grinding. The lower corner of the jaw is sawn off to achieve perfect symmetry. The next step is to secure the shortened structure with seams.

The choice of a particular technique directly depends on the individual characteristics of the patient, for example, the anatomical structure of the face.

Particular features of chin plastic surgery

Before surgery, the patient goes through a series of examinations and takes the necessary tests. In addition, before the chin plasty, the plastic surgeon compares the proportions of the left and right profile. Thanks to this, the symmetry and structure of the face is assessed. After chin surgery, the face should look as beautiful and natural as possible from any angle.

Thus, in the clinic of Andrey Kharkov, each patient can count on an individual approach.

In most cases, chin correction surgery involves making an incision in the mouth, in the fold between the lip and lower jaw. Thus, the scar after surgery is hardly noticeable. Correction of the chin in the clinic of Andrey Kharkov takes about an hour, in especially difficult cases it can last longer.

If chin plastic surgery is performed simultaneously with other plastic surgery (for example, rhinoplasty or facelift), the duration of the surgery is within a few hours.

Rehabilitation period

After chin surgery the patient stays in the hospital of the clinic of Andrey Kharkov for 24 hours. The stitches are not removed after the surgery; a special fixing bandage should be worn for 5 days. Severe painful sensations are present for several days.

After chin  plastic surgery certain recommendations should be followed:

  • Eat only liquid food for the first week.
  • Do not sleep with your face in the pillow.
  • It is forbidden to touch the chin with your hands.
  • Prohibited – physical activity, sports, swimming pool and sauna (for several months).

If the chin plastic surgery was performed through the access inside the oral cavity, special rinsing agents are prescribed.

Rehabilitation after chin surgery takes 10-12 days. You can evaluate the final result in six months.

Contraindications for chin plastics

Chin plastic surgery is not performed if there are both absolute and relative contraindications.

Absolute contraindications:

  1. Age under 21. Due to the fact that the bone of the lower jaw is at the stage of development.
  2. Problems with blood clotting.
  3. Epilepsy.
  4. Diabetes mellitus.
  5. Diseases of blood vessels, heart, liver and kidneys.
  6. Problems with the thyroid gland.

Relative contraindications

  1. The course of viral and infectious processes in the body.
  2. Allergy to the components of anesthesia.
  3. Presence of seizures.
  4. The presence of wounds, scratches and other damage to the skin in the correction area.
  5. Dental problems (eg, inflammation of the periodontal tissue).

Benefits of chin plastic surgery in the clinic of Andrey Kharkov

Why should you trust the plastic surgeons of the clinic of Andrey Kharkov?

  • Confidence in a perfect result.
  • High level of professionalism.
  • Individual approach to each patient.

We offer the safest, most effective and minimally traumatic method of correcting the chin area.

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More about the procedure

Operation characteristics "Chin plastic surgery":

  • 3D Modelling during the consultation
  • Operation time 60 minutes
  • Days in hospital up to 24 hours
  • Removal of stitches not removed
  • Fixation bandage 5 days
  • Rehabilitation 10-12 days

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    Frequently asked questions about chin surgery

    Everything you need to know about plastic surgery

    How long does chin surgery take?

    On average, the operation time is 60 minutes, however, in cases of complex intervention, the operation time increases.

    At what age can chin surgery be done?

    The recommended age from which you can perform facial surgery is 21 years, however, if medically indicated, the surgery can be performed earlier.

    Are there any contraindications for mentoplasty?

    Basically, these are all the same contraindications that are taken into account during surgical intervention, since most of the manipulations of non-surgical plastics take place under anesthesia.

    Does the complexity of the transaction affect the cost?

    It does, because several surgical corrections can be made in one operation, while the patient will receive one anesthesia, rehabilitation takes place in one stage, the costs of supporting the operation and human resources are also reduced. For the patient, of course, this approach creates a more pleasant cost.

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