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Breast Revision Surgery, Reasons

Breast Revision Surgery

Secondary breast correction is performed to improve the results obtained after the first intervention. Another reason may be a planned operation, which is provided at the first stage. Sometimes the client wants to place larger implants – this is also the reason for the secondary plasty. As a rule, this is relevant if you want to radically change the volume of your breasts.

Particular features, reasons for secondary breast correction and differences from the first

With a second correction operation, the likelihood of risks and some complications increases. Adhesions or tissue capsule may develop around the silicone. To avoid such moments, the correction can be carried out in several stages. During the first operation, the surgeon takes into account the client’s wishes regarding the location of the implant.

A distinctive feature of re-correction is the lack of soft tissue required to cover the silicone. Therefore, breast lipofilling is performed.

The reason for breast revision surgery may be:

  • a defect acquired as a result of a violation of the implant shell;
  • replacement of the endoprosthesis after childbirth;
  • silicone insert is displaced;
  • the position of the areola has changed;
  • the client wants to replace the implants with more modern models or other sizes;
  • a rapid change in body weight.

Although every patient is different, for most of them, re-correction of  breast is almost the same as the initial surgery. It is also performed under general anesthesia and is absolutely safe. It can be simple and quite complicated and accordingly the duration can vary: from 40 minutes to two hours. Surgical correction gives an excellent result, completely satisfying the patient.

When Breast Revision Surgery is performed  and contraindications

The period after which it is possible to carry out a second correction of the mammary glands is determined by medical indications. Usually, a new operation is done no earlier than six months after the first. This time is enough for the puffiness to pass and the scars to heal. In addition, it will become clear what and how to fix.

If the reason for the need for a second operation is the deformation of the inserted implants, then the diagnosis and 3D modelling of the endoprosthesis is done first. In the case of indications for surgery due to sudden changes in weight, the reason for the changes in the hormonal background is found out, the patient must be examined by an endocrinologist. After the restoration of body functions you can contact a surgeon.

The surgeon may refuse to carry out the operation if there are health problems:

  • with oncology and diabetes mellitus;
  • heart and kidney disease;
  • during pregnancy and lactation.

In addition, correction cannot be done if an inflammatory process has begun in the mammary glands. If these are complications after the first, then a second one will be required to eliminate inflammation.

Rehabilitation period after Breast Revision Surgery

Recovery in this case takes a little longer. There may be slight tingling sensations in the chest, some patients may lose sensitivity near the nipples. But such unpleasant sensations disappear immediately after the implants fully take the desired position. On average, rehabilitation lasts 10-15 days and depends on the complexity of the surgical intervention.

The surgeon gives exact recommendations, but there are general rules that must be followed:

  • you should limit physical activity during the first month;
  • hot baths, sauna and solarium are contraindicated;
  • supportive underwear must be worn for 4 weeks.

If you are planning on re-correcting your breasts, choose a qualified surgeon seriously. It is also important to adhere to the doctor’s prescriptions, this will help to avoid troubles regarding complications. A reliable clinic and many years of experience of the doctor are the key to a successful operation and the desired result.

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Examinations, bandaging, the recovery control

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